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5 Unique Ways to Organize your Classes

5 Unique Ways to Organize your Classes

It’s that time of the semester again! After a nice, relaxing break, it’s time to transition into “focus mode” and figure out how to ace this semester. It’s always hard to find motivation in the beginning of the semester, but this article will help you figure out which technique may be best for you! 


I recently heard about this technique and it is quite interesting. If you like to have everything in one file, this method is meant for you! Add in your assignments, due dates, and status (not started, started, completed) in 3 separate columns. Color code them by class, and filter them when needed. You can filter by class or date! This way, you will always be able to visualize what is on your plate.


I’m sure you have been told before that a planner is helpful. It works best for those that remember things better when they write it down. You can get as creative or be as minimalistic as you would like. A great way to spice it up is by adding a couple stickers/washi tape and color coordinate your classes. Not only will it be pleasing to the eye, it’ll give you motivation to actually get your work done! To ensure this method works, make sure you take the time to update it every day.


While going all in on organizing can be fun, sometimes a simple to-do list is most effective. If you have an iPad and an Apple pencil, it’s really easy to create a list in your Notes app, and highlight the tasks once they are done. if not, a good ol’ checklist on paper always does the trick. On Sundays, I sort all my assignments for the week and check them off as I go. Simple, yet efficient.  


For those that are tech savvy and constantly on their devices, this method may work best! With this method, you can visually see all of your events for the day/week/month, color coordinate it, and even set up reminders for each event. You can also add the Zoom link in the event location so you don’t have to go searching for it at the last minute!



Always on your phone? A homework app is for you! There are plenty of homework apps in the app store that can cater to your needs. The “Homework App” allows you to track your homework, organize assignments by class, etc. “Egenda” allows you to set reminders for all your assignments so you never fall behind. Surf through the app store, and see which app is perfect for you! 

Regardless of which method you go for, remember to have fun with it! We have to get through this semester somehow, and being organized will make it go that much smoother! Happy organizing!

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