Decompressing After Midterms Week

Midterms are the worst time of the semester, in my opinion. You’re just getting acclimated to your schedule, learning about what studying style works for you in each class… and then BAM! Suddenly, midterm week hits. They always catch me off guard, especially this semester with online classes. This week, I had three exams in my hardest classes, and I only came to realize this two weeks ago. Not saying this wasn’t my own fault, but I was extremely ~overwhelmed~. Now that I have finally finished, I’m looking forward to relaxing and giving myself a break with some of these tips, as should you! 

1. Take a hot, relaxing bath

Right after taking a hard exam, I love to treat myself to a nice, hot bath. Put in a bath bomb if you have one, create some bubbles, and let your muscles relax. A way to make it a bit more extravagant is lighting a candle, turning off/dimming the lights, and putting your favorite TV show on the side. Make sure your device doesn’t fall into the water, though!

2. Take time to do one of your hobbies

Whether it’s journaling, working out, or painting, this is the time to let yourself do what makes you the happiest. Personally, I love lying in bed, getting really comfortable, and binge-watching a new show!

3. Cook a new recipe 

If you’re anything like me, food is your biggest source of happiness. A great way to decompress and let your creativity flow is by whipping up some amazing food. I sometimes like to go on Tik Tok and see if I can find a fun new recipe, especially with the changing seasons. This is a great activity to take your mind off of your work, and focus on something that will give you joy.

4. Retail Therapy 

My second biggest source of happiness is shopping. Now, I’m not saying go on a shopping spree. However, allow yourself to get something small! You’ve worked hard for the last couple of days, and you deserve a treat! This could mean a trip to the mall, or going thrift shopping. Lately, I’ve been enjoying online shopping as well!

5. Go for a walk

Studying for an exam can make it really easy to stay cooped up in your room all day. Now that your exam is done, it’s time to get out of the house. Going on a walk is the best way to get some fresh air and have a change of scenery with the fall foliage. Going on a drive with the windows down is also a great alternative! 

The most important part of this “decompressing” time is to not stress about your grades. I find myself thinking about how I did on that one specific problem or exam. I sometimes even go back through my notes and see what I got wrong. Unfortunately, thinking about it won’t do anything at this point, so try to not get caught up in that! What’s done is done, and this is your time to enjoy. Perhaps a good way to go about it after you have decompressed is reflecting on what went right or wrong in your technique of studying and how you can improve for next time: 

Did you feel overwhelmed?

Did you feel like you didn’t actually learn the material? 

Did you feel like you didn’t plan well?

Use this experience to better shape the rest of the semester! Perhaps this means that you need to switch up studying techniques. You deserve the time for relaxation!


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